About Us



Who Are We?

BodyMoves is a small family business that has been built brick-by-brick on the foundation of care. Commenced in the year 2018, our motto and intention have always been 'caring for life'. Driven by this purpose, we are making long strides to help people undergoing any sort of pain; be it post surgery or the rehabilitation process. Our vision is to make healthcare more affordable and accessible anywhere you point on the globe.

"Don't Let Pain Stop Your Body Moves" is our tagline and indeed paramount in our brand's DNA.

What Do We Do

Are you struggling with back pain so sore that you can't seem to do anything? Have you ever been in immense pain and seem to be out of action while your loved ones depend on you?

Well, then you're at the perfect place!

At BodyMoves, we exclusively design health and fitness products in Canada wherein quality and comfort are our top-most priority. From having the perfect waist braces to a comfortable finger splint, from well-protected ankle braces to a suitable knee brace; we have it all covered. Our products are handpicked and carefully designed to give you an experience worthwhile.

We are mainly based in North America and sell our products in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Singapore. However, our website is functional across the globe and we ship worldwide.

Our Story

It all started when one of our family members was going through tremendous pain and tried almost every product in the market, the pain still wasn't addressed. We then ourselves made trials and errors, improvised, and kept experimenting to ensure providing the best pain management relief. Little did we know that this problem-solving approach would turn out to be a game-changer business model for us. The products worked and it caught the eyeballs of friends and family and others. We snowballed as a team and ever since there's been no looking back. We slowly ramped up our production, created departments, expanded our team and the rest is history!

Why Choose Us

BodyMoves is sincerely committed to three core values particularly

-Attention To Detail

       Our research, analysis, and the urge to constantly give a great eye to detail is something we would never compromise on. We strive to pamper our clients with special care that'll be indeed a memorable ride for them.

-A Customer-centric Approach.

       We strongly believe in achieving the epitome of customer satisfaction through our service excellence. Building long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with our customers is our ultimate goal


        Honesty is one of the backbone values of this company and indeed what we stand for. Every decision, transaction, thought or behavior at BodyMoves is aligned with this virtue and follows it religiously.

Delivering premium quality products is not just a rule but a habit and a lifestyle at BodyMoves.